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For more than ten years, we have been welcoming clients home. The countless projects we have had the honor of completing have helped us to develop and perfect our intuitive process. Our time-tested approach has become the backbone of our business and what sets our work apart. Each step has been continuously refined to produce spaces that are tailored to the lives lived inside.


Our team of seasoned designers and industry professionals are adept at orchestrating the details that make up a successful renovation or new construction experience. We have the expertise to bring our shared vision to completion, resulting in your ideal home.

final phase


As construction commences, most of our work shifts to behind-the-scenes. When trades and craftspeople have finished, we are able to install the elements of your space that will make it feel like home, like window treatments, fixtures, and furnishings. Once everything is in its new home, all that remains is to welcome you back to see your completed space. We will walk through it together and create a punch list to tie up any loose ends. Once we're done, we celebrate the beginning of a new chapter in your beautiful home and turn the keys over to you.

phase three


During Phase Three, all initial furniture specification documents are prepared for approval and implementation. As we finalize plans, our team begins sourcing the elements that will make up your home. We track, receive, and inspect these items to ensure they're ready for install day. 

phase two


In this phase, we continue to develop a design concept based on the data we collected in Phase One. We begin preparing documents, like initial space and furniture plans, lighting concepts, color palette concepts, material and finish selections, and furnishing selections. These plans will help us to ensure that we are checking all the boxes we established in our initial meeting as we turn our vision into something more tangible. We will continue to collaborate closely, presenting each of these preliminary plans to you for your approval.

phase one


Our process begins and ends with you. In this phase, we learn more about you and your goals for your space through an in-depth questionnaire. Once we have that in hand, we schedule an onboarding meeting. This is a great time to review any applicable inspiration images and discuss practicalities like budget.  During this one-on-one consultation, we dive deep into your needs and wants for your home. We ultimately translate this into our initial design concept, which will be presented to you for your review. This is the beginning of a truly collaborative partnership as we work together to create a space that mirrors your lifestyle in an authentic way.

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